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Scrum Product Owner Instructor Needed



Project ID: 230-19 Project Title:

Scrum Product Owner Instructor

Deadline to Submit Your Resume: 10.13.2019
Status: Active Type: Contract Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Project Description:

The Contractor for this course is a deeply experienced consultant with backgrounds in both lean and agile methods, who is willing and able to answer real-world questions posed by participants, as well as provide supporting case studies from a wide variety of recent project environments.

The Contractor shall be responsible for delivering course content, that is up-to-date with materials and tools from the lean and agile worlds that’s presented in Scrum simulation exercises and provide supporting reference materials that will specifically address the following:

· The history of agile development, with a focus on the disciplines promoted by Scrum and the Scrum methodology while specifically reviewing the behaviors expected of a ScrumMaster.
· The course shall include the principles and concepts associated with the Scrum Framework.
Specific topics at a minimum will include:
o The different Scrum roles
§ Team Member
§ Product Owner
§ Scrum Master
o Iterative Development verses Waterfall
o Self-Management Concepts
o Full disclosure and visibility
o The Scrum Framework Overview
· Provide detailed insight into the workings of Scrum using real world examples preferably based upon the Federal IT software project environment.
· Discuss the impact and ScrumMaster methodologies.
· Discuss how to manage projects that begin with changing or unclear requirements.
· Discuss how to map and coordinate expected project expectations with project requirements
· Discuss how to deliver usable software periodically throughout the life of the project, absorbing change and new requirements as the project proceeds.
Upon completion of this course each student shall the Certified Scrum Product Owner. This certification designation is through the Scrum Alliance and will be at no additional cost to the Government or student.
The students’ shall at no additional cost to the Government or student also be registered with the Scrum Alliance, with online access to class training materials and any updates for two years. Scrum Alliance offers a 2 year subscription upon completion of certification.

Government will provide the training site and have federal employees at the training site to open and close all courses. Government will provide the contractor a two week notice via the Contracting Officer if the course has to be cancelled or postponed for any reason.

The Contractor shall provide training instructors, course materials, and evaluations at the end of the session.
The Contractor shall provide two days of invigorating exercises, discussions and lecture, the employee/student learn and experience Scrum and Agile fundamentals from the Product Owners perspective, along with critical skills such as:
· The Contractor will furnish all materials and services necessary to fulfill the requirement of this training.
· Articulate clear visions with measurable business objectives – Practice techniques such as the lean canvas.

· Describe and prioritize stakeholders – Practice techniques from agile user- experienced design such as personas, and customer development methods.

· Express requirements as testable outcomes – Practice story writing and acceptance test driven methods to objectively express requirements and focus development efforts on achieving business results.
· Prioritize new product development, maintenance and non-software work – Learn to prioritize by product, customer and market risk, cost of delay.
· Plan releases and sprints – Practice advanced techniques like story mapping and visual management system for programs.
· Track and report outcomes – Use quantitative techniques from lean.
· Scale Scrum to program-level efforts – Experience proven approaches and learn about scaled agile framework.
· Blend Scrum with other lean methods – Learn from early adopters, and see real-world case studies.
· Generate strong working relationships with development teams – Practice techniques that focus product and technology on the same outcomes.
Upon completion, employees will earn their Scrum Product Owner Certification.

The training session is to be performed between November 12th and December 5, 2019.
The class must be held on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Dates are to be coordinated between
Government and contractor after award. The class shall be 2 days in duration.

Washington DC



If you are interested please send us your resume and hourly rate.

For more informations contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Requirements and skills: USA Citizen, 5 years of experience, Bachelor's Degree, etc.
Project duration:   2 days Period of performance:
November/December Location: Washington, DC


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Feel free to contact us by phone at 312.804.9992 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about this or any other job openings.

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